Featured “You” Art Inspiration!

This section will include Art and posts written and inspired by people we find inspirational.  You just might be the next featured art inspiration!

Inspired by you!  We are.  You are part of what inspires us to create.  To write, to paint, to come up with something new.  So many of you are living lives of intention and passion.  You’re doing what you love, setting goals for yourself and making your dreams reality, and sharing your spirit with the world around you.  We want to capture our inspiration from life.  We want to write about and paint the things that fill us with joy and move us to live life fully…the parts of life that make us feel fully and wonderfully alive!  Many of you are a part of this life inspiration so we want to dedicate these “Inspired by You!” posts to you.  These posts will include a painting and a written piece for you, about you, inspired by you!  


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