Keep it Simple!

It can take time for a dream to unfold. We can have a vision for something that is still a little ways ahead of us. An idea that can be pretty clear and powerful at certain times. And then it can get all muddled with the stuff in between that takes us in so many different directions. It’s like we know where we want to arrive but getting there can be like sifting through a swamp. Sometimes we hit the thick mud that slows us way down and puts a big damper on our “clear vision” of where we are going. And then usually, after the sticky parts, we find ourselves picking up again and moving quickly towards our destination..everything just flows and makes sense. We find ourselves in a sweet spot of inspiration.

This seems true for me with a lot of things in my life…Running, motherhood, and even writing. Running. In the past, I’ve always made it harder than it needs to be. I put the pressure on myself to perform instead of just letting myself enjoy the process and landing where I land. It is when I take the pressure off that I am able to truly perform well as an athlete. Motherhood. Instead of seeing it all as a balance of what went right and what didn’t, I am way too critical of the things I’m failing at. I berate myself for the yelling, wanting to rip my hair out, not being present with my kids, letting them watch too much t.v because I’m tired and needing a break… I lose sight of the big picture. I forget to focus on the books I read to them that day, the art we created, the many “I Love Yous” that were whispered into tiny ears, the healthy meals I’ve prepared and all of the things that have moved me in the right direction of the big picture of motherhood.

Reminding ourselves of the things that are working and flowing, usually helps to get our feet out of the mud and back to that free flowing inspiration. If I tell myself to keep things simple and stop making them more complicated than they need to be, everything comes together wonderfully! The pressure comes off and the pieces come together on their own.

This is kind of how my mom and I have been feeling with this new site and direction with our art…her paintings and my writing. It started with me asking my mom to come up with some Runner Art. I wanted her to create some art for the running community. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked for a card to send to one of my friends to congratulate them or wish them good luck and been unable to find the “just right card”. After my mom came up with her first Sticklete art, it evolved into more of personalized art as opposed to sets of cards. She started experimenting with a new style that was different from her norm and the Sticklets starting taking on a life of their own…yogis, surfers, mommies, bikers, and more. We thought a good name for our site would be The Art of Runninghood, then we changed the name a few times and a few times more. We still kept playing around with what our focus would be and how to get started with everything. And here we are today still feeling the Big Idea right at the tip of finger tips without really feeling like we have a complete grasp on where exactly we are heading with it all!

Just like that dream or big idea at the end of the swamp, we both know where we want to be with this but it is the “getting there” that has been feeling complicated. Too many ideas and directions all at once. Sharing a site and melding our artist voices has been tricky. And truthfully, we have felt like we are just trying too hard to make something come together. Something that will come on its own time if we remember to

Slow Down,
Keep it Simple,

I’m sure some of you reading this, who also read Runninghood, have probably noticed that my voice is different when I write on here. My words seem guarded or distant as opposed to the candid, raw, and personal feel of them when I post on Runninghood. My words feel forced, formal or rushed. I don’t like this. And we both agree that things just don’t feel like they are
as they should.

Last night we agreed to take a step back, reevaluate, and let things unfold as they are supposed to. In due time. We decided to just keep things simple. Let things simmer.

And that is when she came out with my favorite of all her sketches for the Sticklete Runner that can be on a set of cards as we had envisioned, on a quality Runninghood t-shirt, or a hat. Keeping it simple!

I’m certain that we might change our direction again. Perhaps this blog will turn into one that is only for Cher to write and share her art..when she is ready. We might even have another name or two for things before the end of the week. Ha! Such is the joy of trying out new things! Thanks for sticking around to be part of the process. Whatever happens, we are excited to watch it unfold, keep things simple, slow down and “Be” with things as they are.

Let the unfolding begin! Just by letting things happen when they are ready to happen.

What is something in your life that you are working on unfolding? Something you can make more complicated than it needs to be? Or an area of your life that you are too critical about or trying too hard to make happen before it is ready to happen?

Which of these images do you like the best? Which ones do you think would look best on a t-shirt, hat, or card?


2 thoughts on “Keep it Simple!

  1. I didn’t feel your words felt guarded or distant at ALL in this post. So well written. I love these simple Stickletes!! I think they would look awesome on a t-shirt or a hat or a race shirt. Maybe even some in all pink for Breast Cancer Awareness or all purple for Altzheimer’s etc. or other specific charity causes that many races run for. Just a thought….Relay for life fundraisers etc. could maybe market shirts like this. Pretty big all around the nation. Not sure this is the direction you want. I really love the simple design though, running as it’s meant to be:)

    • Thanks Jenn! Our only commenter here. Yippie! šŸ™‚ I’m determined to be real on here if I’m going to write on this blog in addition to Runninghood. Glad my words came across unguarded!! Thanks for the suggestions. Great ideas.

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