The Art of Filling Our “Balance Buckets”

This is a "Yogini" Sticklete from Cher's newest Sticklete Line that you can see more of in the Sticklete section of our site.


I’m convinced these two are deeply connected.  When we seek and find balance in our lives, we usually find the sweet spot of inspiration.  The inspiration to create, live deeply, and embrace all that comes our way.  The inspiration to challenge ourselves and dream big!

Another "Yogini" Sticklete

Balance is truly an art.
With the busy lives we live, it is so easy to get sucked into
the “must-dos”, social obligations,  creating order in our homes and relationships, trying to plan “this and that”, and on and on and on ….
Until we get to bed at night and realize that we didn’t find time for A, B, and C.

Whatever our A, B and C is.

I think that before I can truly find balance in my life, I need to write out a list of things that are most important to me.  My “balance buckets”…the parts of my life that need to be filled before I can feel truly balanced and find myself in the sweet spot of inspiration as a writer, artist, runner, etc.

My Balance Buckets

  • Quality time with my children--this doesn’t mean just the “managing” of my children but rather the time that I truly sit down with them on their level and play, have a conversation, cuddle, read a book, etc.  This time doesn’t need to be long.  Just quality! A little bit goes a long way!  Even five minutes of this quality connection time with them can fill my bucket up greatly!
  • Alone time with my best friend, my husband.  Time where we just enjoy something together without other distractions (phone, computer, chores, etc.)…this could be sitting down and having a beer, watching a movie together, dreaming together, planning a trip, etc.
  • ME Time!  Time to write, read, answer e-mail, GET AWAY on a girl trip or a night with my mom, write in my journal and just time to do whatever I feel like doing without having to take care of someone else.
  • Running/Exercise.  A must!
  • Reading
  • Creating, Connecting and Sharing my Art.  For me, this usually means writing or working on ideas that I have.  It also means taking time for connecting with other like-minded people and building a community of “thinkers, sharers, motivators, friends”.
  • Spiritual Growth.  This is different for all of us.
  • Time with Friends
  • Order to My World Around Me.  Keeping our house, yard, mail, meals in check…you know, the daily living stuff.  Also, making sure our kids are getting what they need with nutrition, educations, sports, play dates, creative stimulation…the things that come with motherhood!  If this stuff gets neglected then Inspiration and Balance are hard to find for me!

As an artist, Cher Odum realizes that a few of her biggest Balance Buckets that need to be filled before she can truly be inspired to create are :  Protecting personal space/Alone time, Meditation, Yoga, Journaling, Time Spent in Nature, Reading and Learning.My mom, Cher, is always reading something inspirational.  Her bookshelves are FULL and overflowing of books on health, yoga, spiritual exploration, art, journaling, etc.  I always end up borrowing something when I come visit her.  Here are a few books she is sending me home with today:


What are your “Balance Buckets” that need to be filled for you to be a more inspired, happier, and balanced YOU?  


6 thoughts on “The Art of Filling Our “Balance Buckets”

  1. Definitely , I need to have an outlet of physical nature. I prefer to run, but beating a tennis ball against a wall works well too. The spiritual side needs time in my Bible. Alone time with hubby is hard to get- but so valued. 🙂

  2. Great post! I would have to say most of my balance buckets are so similar. Definitely time with my kids, one on one time with my husband, I am a cranky cranky unbalanced fool if I can’t get a physical release. Time by MYSELF, time with other women. Definitely ORDER to the things around me. I like schedule, I like routine. I get great satisfaction out of making “things work” when they seem impossible. If I can have an organized weekly schedule, I can fill EVERY one of my buckets and everything just goes better around here.

  3. Wonderful post!

    As for me…. Quality time for my research as well as putting effort and energy into my teaching during the academic year – or professional fulfillment is a balance bucket for me for sure! Time with my husband/partner – whether it be making dinner together, taking our dog for a walk, watching some Netflix, or going on a date. Me time – time for reading recreationally and writing my blog, making notes in my marathon journal, etc. Exercise and time with friends are really important to me as well.

  4. Great post! I say all the time how important balance is. For me, I need to have running (caring for myself), time with Josh, fun time with the kids (not just the “caring for the kids stuff”), time with God, time with my best friend, time serving others and sleep to stay balanced. I also like to have my house clean and organized… it stresses me out when things get chaotic. 🙂

  5. Great post Amanda !! And as always, you’ve created a great site here. For me, I’m finding that one of my buckets, that I always want to fill it with, is the inspiration that I gather from my friends ! WIth that in it, I know that is a source and “balance” in my life that I can always turn to. Your mom certainly does that for me !! Lots of love, Howie

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