The Art of Runninghood

Welcome toThe Art of Runninghood!  Runninghood was originally a blog that was started by writer Amanda Bowers in an attempt to find sanity and a form of expression as she figured out the “new to her” art of the stay-at-home motherhood gig.  She started Runninghood as a way to write about the parts of her life that move her.  The parts of life that make us want MORE.  The things that make us think, drive us to be STRONGER, and even the moments we struggle with.  She wanted a place to call her own…a place to share her insights, goals, passions, reflections and “life moments” through writing.

The name Runninghood originally came from Amanda’s passion for running and motherhood melded together with her writing about life and matters of the heart.  Runninghood isn’t just a running or motherhood blog. It is a blog written about running, motherhood, the human spirit, and so many things that come with life!  So much of Amanda’s writing on Runninghood is about being REAL, knowing your spirit, reflecting on life, loving others, and striving to be the best YOU…whatever that may be….a runner, a mother, an artist, writer….you decide!   This is what the name “Runninghood” has come to mean…a name that represents The Art of Living with Intention, Passion and Purpose!

At the same time that Amanda has been finding purpose through the writing of her blog, Artist Cher Odum has been doing the same through her visual art.  This mother and daughter team are inspired by each other daily and they finally decided to bring their art together to this place called The Art of Runninghood.   We’d like to think of it as a place to inspire, be inspired, reflect and grow through our “art”…and through the art of living an inspired Life!  The Art of Runninghood is a place where Cher and Amanda put their ideas together to capture the spirit of an athlete, mother, dreamer and embracer of life through the art of writing, painting and other creations.

What you might find here at The Art of Runninghood:

In addition to painting and writing, you will find collage art and other forms of creative expression. As they unfold, you will be able to enjoy Cher’s new works that are inspired by the HeART of Runninghood! We will also include meditations, reflections and pieces of writing inspired by Cher’s older art pieces.

Two features we hope to include regularly on The Art of Runninghood

  • Inspired By You! Featured Art Inspiration! Inspired by you!  We are.  You are part of what inspires us to create.  To write, to paint, to come up with something new.  So many of you are living lives of intention and passion.  You’re doing what you love, setting goals for yourself, making your dreams reality, and sharing your spirit with the world around you. This inspires us.  We want to capture our inspiration from life. The people, places and things that make us feel most fully and wonderfully alive and make us want to be a better We.  Many of you are a part of this life inspiration so we want to dedicate these “Inspired by You!” posts to you.  These posts will include a painting and a written piece for you, about you, inspired by you!   
  • Artful Meditations and Reflections. Almost all of Cher’s work has a story to tell.  Her paintings are usually based on things from her life…her dreams, inspiration from the moment, feelings, current situations, etc.  Her art is a way for her to work through her thoughts, fears, and other feelings and make meaning of her world.  I’ve always been moved by her work and I usually find that they evoke some big feelings and thinking in me!  I often find myself in reflection or meditation based on the inspiration or ideas that were sparked after seeing her work unfold.  These Artful Meditations and Reflectionswill be written by me, Amanda, and “sparked” or inspired by Cher’s art…her new art and older pieces.   
We hope that The Art of Runninghood comes to be a familiar and inspirational place where you can grow and reflect with us as we go.
Amanda and Cher

14 thoughts on “The Art of Runninghood

  1. What a wonderful site Amanda !! And of course I love your mom’s artwork which compliments everything here so well. I think we all inspire each other !!! Much love, Howie

  2. congrats, amanda! can’t wait to read, follow and be inspired! Looking forward to ‘getting to know’ your mom too! Just a side note to what you said about figuring out wordpress, I started to switch over to wordpress but got tired trying to figure out how to put it together. If I ever do switch, I think I’ll have to have a blog designer do it for me!!

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